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Introducing AE Mockups

These are not your typical PSD mockups. Our product mockups have been designed with
animation in mind. These are AE mockups designed to be used with Adobe After Effects.


Adjustable Mockup Settings

  • Interchangable Materials
  • Lid Colour
  • Bottle Colour
  • Label Highlights
  • Ground Reflection
  • 3 Shadow Options

Other Features

  • Built for After Effects
  • Custom UI Controls
  • Drag & Drop Label Replacement
  • 360 Turn-table Animation

Choose from 50+ Product Mockups

All of our Mockups are fully animated and After Effects ready. You can change their colours,
apply custom labels and have them ready to render in minutes.

Video Templates

Video Templates is what sets Mockups360 apart. This is the secret sauce that will place your products inside a video ad.
Each video template comes with a dozen of fully animated shots, making it super easy to create professional video content.

"Call-to-Action" Shot Pack


Creating well designed call-to-action shots can often take hours. With this video template you'll be able to do that in minutes! It comes packed with 13 fully animated Call-to-Action shots. Just pick a shot that works for your ad, type up...



"Elegance" is a video template that portrays an elegant, glamorous look that's perfectly suited for Cosmetics and Beauty products. Its visual language of organically flowing shapes and pastel colours resonates with calmness and nature, which is ideal for any spa or natural...

How do you use these? Well, its real easy!

Creating product videos using our assets is a lot like making a sandwitch - its all about
putting the pieces together. Here's how you can think of it.

1. Pick a Product Mockup

2. Apply Your Labels

3. Select a Video Template

4. Render the Product Video

Still new to After Effects? We've got you covered

We have prepared a full range of video tutorials to guide you though every step
of using our Mockups. See some of our video tutorials below.

How to Customize Product Mockups

In this video we are looking at the process of customizing Product Mockups. We'll see how you can adjust its settings to make it better match your physical products as well as how to replace its placeholder label with your own.

How to use Mockups without Video Templates

Not everyone will require to purchase a video template from So in this video we're taking a look at the process of adding and animating a Product Mockup using your own comps.

How to use Video Templates

In this video we're taking a look at Video Templates. We're going to see how they are set up, what are pre-animated comps and how you can use them and finally we'll be taking a look at the various graphical elements you can add to your scenes.