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How do we make product Videos?

We use a simple and time tested process to create each and every video. And here it is step-by-step:

Step 1. You Share

It starts like a doctor's visit - you share and we listen. Understanding who your audience is, how you reach them and what already works is critical to creating video content that converts well.

Step 2. We Pitch

Now it's our turn - let us prescribe you a solution that works in a video format. We'll pitch you some cool ideas, we'll pick one that works and we'll go to production.

Step 3. We Make You an Awesome Video

With a plan in place we'll produce your awesome video content. And no, it's not just some videos - this will be your new arsenal for converting unaware insta-scrollers into happy customers.

Do we have any examples?

Sure. Here's few project examples we've done for our clients

Case Study - Vit365

A short, simple and visually appealing video ad was created for VIT365. The goal of the ad was to introduce their products and drive traffic to their website. One of our visual templates was customized to create an on-brand visual style.

What client supplied

Case Study - Wescana

This was an ad created for Wescana Pharmacies to be used on their in-store video screens. We used a photo background and designed a clean visual style to complement their pharmacy brand. Product mockups were custom designed based on photos that were provided by the customer.

What client supplied

Service Packages

See our service packages below

360 Listing Video

360-degree videos are great to display products on a website



  • Single shot
  • Looping video
  • Customizable Background
  • 3D product is created based on supplied photos
  • Applying supplied product labels
  • Video optiomization
  • MP4 file
  • 1 review stage

* volume discounts available

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Basic Video

Ideal for your first product video or ad



  • Up to 5 shots
  • Video up to 20s long
  • Using one of our template as a starting point.
  • Template customization:
    • add your products
    • adjust colours
    • adjust fonts
    • add your logos
    • add your copy
    • layout customization
  • Video output formats:
    • Landscape
    • Square
  • Music track
  • 3 review stages

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Custom Designed Video

Tailor made product video based on client’s brief



We will work with your marketing team to create a bespoke product video ad for your brand.

  • Video up to 45s long
  • Concept designs
  • Storyboards
  • Style to match client's brand
  • Custom graphics
  • Custom text animations
  • Music track
  • 3 review stages

Get in Touch

Get in Touch

Haven't made up your mind on what video you need? No problem! Shoot us a message using the form below and we'd be happy to start the conversation around your marketing goals and what video content would suit your business best.

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